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Important Family Code changes in Xspouse 2024

Xspouse 2024-1 incorporates the new changes to the Family Code that take effect from September 1, 2024. These are major changes and are the first in decades to the Family Code. It is essential to upgrade your program to Xspouse 2024-1 in order to be compliant with the new Family Code rules as set out in California Senate Bill No. 343.

Xspouse 2024-1 has incorporated the new Family Code provisions and these will automatically become operative on September 1, 2024. These changes include the following:

  • FC §4055 (b)(3) Change in the multiplier based on total net income ranges used for calculating the K factor for child support calculations
  • FC §4055 (b)(7) Change in the basis for calculating the threshold amount for the low income adjustment
  • FC §4057 (b)(5) In cases where the obligor qualifies for a low income adjustment and the amount of child support established exceeds 50%, Xspouse flags this and displays an alternative lower bound to the LIA according to the new rule
  • FC §4061 (b) The method for calculating child support add-ons changes from 50/50 to that set out in this section of the code
  • From September 1 an additional switch will appear in the Xspouse Settings window allowing users to revert to pre-September 1, FC rules for 2024

Xspouse™ 2024 is certified for Court use

Current version: 2024-1


Purchase includes any updated releases of Xspouse 2024 and free technical support

Any purchase of Xspouse 2023 since December 1, 2023 is entitled to a free upgrade to Xspouse 2024

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  • Certified for Court use by the California Judicial Council.
  • Property Division. Full-featured property divider. Includes Marsden and Pension worksheets.
  • Arrearage Calculator. The Xspouse™ download package includes an arrearage calculator. This calculator is available free to all Xspouse™ users who have a current personalization ID. There will be an icon Xarrears on your Start > Programs menu.
  • Enhanced Findings and Rebuttals Report. Enables judicial officers to modify, when necessary, the child support calculated according to the formula in FC 4055(a).
  • Bonus Income reports. Analyze the complex situation when income is unpredictable in size and frequency. Include effects of prior relationships. Fully documented.
  • Timeshare Worksheet. Easy, visually oriented calculation of timeshare even for complex visitation arrangements.
  • Powerful Qualified Business Income Deduction calculator that is fully integrated with other Xspouse data.
  • Data export. Allows an extensive range of data to be exported in either XML or JSON format.

Free Demo Version

An almost full-featured demonstration version of Xspouse is available. The demonstration version has some features disabled, such as printing, the QBID calculator, browser preview, and data export.

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Browser preview

Xspouse provides a browser preview feature in the support and property modules, and in Xarrears. Browser preview provides an enhanced appearance for reports, which can be printed directly from the browser, and also provides the ability to select viewing and printing ranges in the bonus income reports.

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Xspouse is the most accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive child and spousal support calculator available.

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New in 2024

Important Family Code changes - Xspouse 2024 incorporates the new changes to the Family Code that take effect from September 1, 2024. These are major changes and are the first in decades to the Family Code.

Revamps the Federal tax display on the Income Tax tab on the right side of the main screen.

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