Xspouse™ 2018 is certified for Court use

Current version: 2018-1.1 (Incorporates Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changes)

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Xspouse is the most accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive child and spousal support calculator available.

Courts and government agencies can get Xspouse free; to order, click on the following button.

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  • Certified for Court use by the California Judicial Council.
  • Property Division. Full-featured property divider. Includes Marsden and Pension worksheets.
  • Arrearage Calculator. The Xspouse™ download package includes an arrearage calculator. This calculator is available free to all Xspouse™ users who have a current personalization ID. There will be an icon Xarrears on your Start > Programs menu.
  • Enhanced Findings and Rebuttals Report. Enables judicial officers to modify, when necessary, the child support calculated according to the formula in FC 4055(a).
  • Bonus Income reports. Analyze the complex situation when income is unpredictable in size and frequency. Include effects of prior relationships. Fully documented.
  • Timeshare Worksheet. Easy, visually oriented calculation of timeshare even for complex visitation arrangements.
  • Browser report viewing and printing. Allows you to view reports in your browser, print from your browser, and provides an enhanced appearance for reports.
  • Data export. Allows an extensive range of data to be exported in either XML or JSON format.
  • $299. Purchase includes any updated releases of Xspouse™ 2018 and free technical support.

Free Demo Version

An almost full-featured demonstration version of Xspouse is available. The demonstration version has some features disabled, such as printing, browser preview, and data export.

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A new feature in Xspouse and Xarrears allows you to view reports in your browser, print from your browser, and provides an enhanced appearance for reports.

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