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About Xspouse™
Email: support@xspouse.com
Important Note. To make sure that notifications about Xspouse™ are not intercepted by a spam filter, please add support@Xspouse.com and sales@Xspouse.com to your email program address book or to your approved senders list.

Xspouse™ Database


The installation should only be attempted by someone who is familiar with Web sites and databases.

The contents of the Xspouse™ database package should be installed on a server, not on the client computers. The package is contained in the file XspouseDb.zip. The file database_instructions.pdf (see link below) explains the installation in detail.

Download the instructions into your browser by clicking the following link.

Download database instructions

Download the the database package by clicking on the link below. (Choose "Save" in the dialog that appears after you click the link.)

Download Xspouse™ database package (XspouseDb.zip)