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About Xspouse™
Email: support@xspouse.com
Important Note. To make sure that notifications about Xspouse™ are not intercepted by a spam filter, please add support@Xspouse.com and sales@Xspouse.com to your email program address book or to your approved senders list.

Xspouse™ for the Courts

Courts, government agencies, public law libraries and educational institutions can get a free copy of  Xspouse™ Professional.
To request a copy of Xspouse™ Professional, please send us an email. Tell us:
  • The name of your agency (such as Los Angeles County Superior Court)
  • The name and telephone number of a contact person
  • The spousal support guideline you use.  The guidelines are listed on the right.
  • Whether you have an Internet connection from the computers on which you want to install the program
We will email you instructions on how to install Xspouse™
You can select one of the following guidelines as the default for Xspouse™:
  • Santa Clara
  • Alameda
  • Marin
  • Kings
  • San Diego
  • User SS
  • Formula SS